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The Rural Central Alberta Environment

Alberta Environment is committed to protecting the province's air, land and water. They strive to be a leader in addressing climate change and waste management. Through their stringent monitoring, inspection and enforcement procedures, they promote and expect responsible stewardship of Alberta's resources.

Design and Construction of Water Wells

Although you need to hire a drilling contractor to design, drill and construct the well and choose the appropriate materials, it is important for you to know what is going on. You can then work with the drilling contractor to ensure you get the well design you need.

For more information visit the Agriculture and Rural Department site on Water

Water Wells...That Last For Generations

The groundwater use information provided in this site was written from a Canadian prairie perspective, specifically focusing on the resources available and legislation within the Province of Alberta.

For more information visit the Agriculture and Rural Department site on Water Wells

Onsite Sewage Treatment System (septic system) Use and Maintenance Tips

How safe, effective, and economical an onsite sewage system is greatly depends on the use and maintenance of the system. Properly used and maintained systems provide years of service.

For more information visit the Government of Alberta site on Sewage

Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice

This Standard of Practice sets out design standards, installation standards and material requirements for on-site private sewage systems.

For more information visit the Government of Alberta site on Sewage Regulation

Agriculture in Alberta

It's Here. A web site designed with farmers in mind. Ropin' the Web has everything you need to stay on top of your Agri-business.

For more information visit the Agriculture and Rural Department site.

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) process helps you identify and address environmental risks and opportunities in your operation. This plays a key part in safeguarding your local environment. And a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta's agricultural producers.

For more information visit the Alberta EFP site

Foreign Ownership of Farm Land in Alberta

Alberta's rich soil and picturesque recreation areas are two of the province's most valuable resources. To ensure that these resources continue to be owned and enjoyed by Albertans and other Canadians, the Agricultural and Recreational Land Ownership Act and Regulations were passed.

For more information visit the Government of Alberta site on Legislative Authority

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Provides information, research and technology, and policies and programs to achieve security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth.

For more information visit the Government of Canada site on Agri-Food

Storing & Handling Fuel on the Farm

The capacity of diesel and gasoline storage on Alberta farms is at least 250 million liters (55 million gallons). With this large volume of stored fuels, the financial, environmental and public liability risks to farmers are real. This publication provides information to help farmers store and use gasoline and diesel fuel safely.

For more information visit the Government of Alberta site on Fuel Safety

Farm Credit Corporation

FCC’s mission is to enhance rural Canada by providing specialized financial services to farming operations - including family farms and small to medium-sized agribusiness - with an emphasis on personalized service.

For more information visit the Farm Credit Canada site

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC)

Employs only trained agricultural financial specialists, many who farm themselves, and all who have a background in agriculture. They understand your business, and they’re committed to seeing Alberta farmers build viable farm businesses.

For more information visit the AFSC site

AFSC Commercial

AFSC Commercial is a division of Agriculture Financial Services Corporation offering a unique portfolio of innovative financing options, to help meet the capital needs of the rapidly expanding value-added and agri-food industry.

For more information visit the Commercial Loan Program site

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